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Hello. New stuff. Come an' see. Please comment. Prints available upon request (Ha.)



((DIRECTIONS: Fill in an X when a statement applies to you, and leave the space blank if it does not. Tally up the number of X's and record in the space provided at the end of the quiz.))
1 [x] Your name is unusual (rare or unheard of) where you live.
2 [x] People often say you are attractive.
3 [x] You tend to deny compliments that you get.
4 [] Other people of your same gender are jealous of your looks.
5 [] Your natural hair color is unusual or rare.
6 [x] Your natural eye color is unusual or rare. (It changes.)
7 [x] You strongly resemble a certain famous person.
8 [x] Despite poor eating and/or exercise habits, you are still thin.
9 [] Sometimes people worry that you're anorexic, but you're not.
10 [] You are cross-cultural (your parents are from two different countries). [I think?]
11 [] You are half- or part-Oriental (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, et cetera).
12 [x] Even after getting dirty or sweaty, you still look good.
13 [x] You smell good without cologne, perfume, et cetera.
14 [x] You have at least one scar with an interesting story behind how you got it..
15 [x] You have at least one scar or birthmark that is plainly, obviously visible, but doesn't make you look ugly.
16 []  When you stare at people or off into space, they almost always (A) feel like you're staring into their soul or reading their mind, (B) think you're up to something, or (C) feel like you know something they either don't know or don't want you to tell. [B. >:3]
17 [x] You don't often get sick.
18 [x] You often dress impractically (i.e. show up looking gorgeous to a charity event or marathon, somewhere you'd usually dress sloppy and casual).
19 [x] You stand up for others, even if it means risking your own well-being.
20 [x] You are brave or daring to the point of recklessness.
21 [x] Your beliefs are extremely, radically liberal. (I dunno~)
22 [x] You are sarcastic and witty.
23 [x] You are disrespectful to authority, but only when they deserve it.
24 [x] You are punished more harshly than others.
25 [] You have Antisocial Personality Disorder.
26 [x] You have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder).
27 [x] You are SELF-DIAGNOSED with ADD or ADHD.
28 [x] Animals love you.
29 [x] You have a pet cat.
30 [x] You consider yourself above average intelligence.
31 [x] You have a glamorous occupation (i.e. lawyer, executive, anything artistic or theatrical, et cetera).
32 [] You are a legal adult, have not reached retirement age, and don't have to work for a living.
33 [] You fit a certain stereotype (nerd, goth, hipster, "popular" person, et cetera).
34 [] You have a very good singing voice.
35 [] You play at least one musical instrument.
36 [x] You have exceptional artistic talent (Again, people say so.)
37 [] Sometimes it seems like you're psychic or telepathic.
38 [x] You are fluent or near-fluent in more than one language.
39 [x] You succeed at almost anything you put your mind to.
40 [] Your Plan A usually works.
41 [x] Most everyone underestimates you.
42 [x] People are jealous of your abilities.
43 [x] You have learned martial arts
44 [x] Your parent(s) or guardian(s) aren't (or weren't) very strict.
45 [x] You possess an important family heirloom.
46 [x] Your parents trust you, for the most part.
47 [x] You have a lot of friends and/or are "popular."
48 [x] You are angsty.
49 [x] Certain circumstances of your childhood were strange or unusual.
50 [x] You suffer "rebellious princess syndrome" (feminism, extreme tomboyishness, et cetera).
BONUS [x] You have lied, exaggerated, or de-exaggerated in some of your answers in this quiz to avoid seeming like you're bragging.
TOTAL:    39 out of 51
* * *


1-9: CAMEO
You're not the sort of person who could be the protagonist of a book or movie, but you're certainly the sort of down-to-earth, matter-of-fact person I'd like to be friends with. You're the "filler characters" who make books and movies possible and probably have their own cool stories going on in the background that we don't know about. Unless you answered "yes" to the bonus question, in which case, you liar, go take the quiz again.
EXAMPLE: Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, Mai or Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender

You're more the "protagonist's best friend" than the "protagonist." But that's okay, because the "protagonist's best friend" usually ends up being everyone's favorite character anyways. Why? Because you're the guy everyone can relate to - and, more importantly, you're often the comic relief AND, at times, you're what keeps the plot chugging forward. This category also contains the heroes who have to try extra hard to save the day, like, harder than the average hero (an offhand example of this is Megamind).
EXAMPLES: Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Jack Harkness from Doctor Who

You're a good, healthy medium. In a nutshell, you're worth paying attention to: dramatic, but not MELOdramatic, and different, but not overwhelmingly so. I...should really write a longer description for this, but I'm really tired, so I won't. Just...skip to the examples.
EXAMPLES: Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom from Danny Phantom

30-39: EPIC HERO
An "epic hero" is the protagonist of a story that fits the general "hero's journey cycle." [link] Epic heroes tend to act a tad more on the unrealistic side (maybe melodramatic, perhaps not always reacting to situations like a normal human being, doing arguably stupid things for the sake of a good cause and in the name of courage / honor / love / family / friendship), but they make up the bulk of really good stories out there. Why? Because epic heroes are interesting, they're dynamic - epic heroes are who we wish we could be, but never actually could be.
EXAMPLES: Harry Potter from Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, any protagonist who falls into an obvious trap in order to save someone they love

40-51: MARY SUE
Congratulations - you are a perfect (or near-perfect) specimen of human being. Can I have your autograph? But really. Mary Sues are annoying as hell in fiction BECAUSE they're perfect - they're that person you'd give anything to switch lives with. You know. THAT person. There's only one person in existence who generates more jealousy than a Mary Sue, and that is Batman. Because he's Batman!
EXAMPLES: Lily Evans from Harry Potter, Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, Annabeth from Percy Jackson & the Olympians
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  • Watching: Breaking Bad
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Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Well, I'm Corinne, but you can call me Akito :D. I'm a manga artist minus the skill, and I've been drawing for about two years. I'm pretty good, but still need a lot of work. I'm also a writer, and I'm actually working on a manga now. I'm not illustrating it of course, but I'm doing the script, and it isn't easy!
I am a professional writer. I have two completed novels, Culture Shock and Fallen Angel, and am working on my third, Terra. Happily take requests and commissions ~


Current Residence: South Carolina
Print preference: If anyone ever buys a print, they can have whatever they want.
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite photographer: Becca
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Clip 2G
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: FMA: Brotherhood by FUNimation
Skin of choice: Say what?!
Favourite cartoon character: Does anime count as a cartoon?
Personal Quote: "In my world, the sun never sets.... Because God doesn't trust me in the dark."

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